The membership guidelines for our organization, outlined in our bylaws, establish criteria for individuals eligible to join our community. Membership is exclusively open to alumni members of Theta Tau who are in good standing and can provide proof of their affiliation with the Fraternity. This includes honorary members. For those residing in Tucson, AZ, and its surrounding areas, as well as individuals willing to attend monthly meetings, inclusion on our email list is available. However, only members whose dues for the current year are paid hold the official status of “members,” granting them the right to vote, hold office, or represent the organization at Fraternity affairs.

Members failing to renew their membership by or at the Annual Meeting are categorized as inactive. Nevertheless, inactive members who still meet the membership criteria can swiftly regain their active status upon submitting a written or email request and fulfilling the payment of dues. Our commitment to maintaining an engaged and participatory membership underscores the inclusivity and vibrancy of our community.

Dues are $50 per year.

Dues can be paid the following ways: